Hemp: Ethical Food & Fibre

This four volume publication design project was done for my thesis at Parsons involving an extensive amount of research and planning. While living in NYC I became more aware of ethical issues surrounding our food and clothing. My idea was to reevaluate hemp as a sustainable food and fibre. I started eating hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp powder and learing about the superior nutritional properties that hemp had. I created original recipes using hemp and art directed the photography in Volume II. The first volume provides an overview of the history of hemp. The third volume addresses a throw away culture and slow fashion. Textile and apparel examples incorporating hemp are shown. The fourth volume is a process book with sketches and prototypes.

Volume I – History
Volume II – Food
Volume III – Fibre
Volume IV – Process

  • Hemp Fibre
  • Hemp Couture
  • Hemp Pesto
  • Hempseed Broccoli Toss
  • Demystifying Hemp
  • Eating Styles